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We are very proud of what we have been developing for 10 years. 5 million free copies have been downloaded and we are happy to share them with you too.

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The Inde Ed Project

Learn to Read

The content of our books are made very meticulously in order to enhance the ability of the children to learn words and phrases easily.

Modern Science

The Science information presented in these books have wonderful explanations and illustrations of the most common known inventions like space ships, cars, etc.

Learn Fast

Years of teaching experience have been illustrated in these books. Inde Ed has imprinted great knowledge with the intention of teaching children science the right way.

Kid Friendly

All the content is being created with one thing in mind; making it very easy for children to comprehend what is being taught.

Helpful Learning

The information presented in our books will orient the children and teachers to understand clearly what is being taught in these books.

Reliable Information

The information and structuration of the books have been backed up by reliable resources of science and technology in order to bring clear knowledge of these topics.

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." – Nelson Mandela

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