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AboutInde Ed

Inde Ed Project Non-Profit Organization creates and freely shares easy Science eBooks and videos for worldwide 3rd to 6th grade Teachers. To date, Five Million Free copies given away to people in 60 countries. We have 5,000 eBook pages and 10 hours of videos to share with you!

AboutThe Author

Doug Alford

Douglas Alford is the Founder and President of Inde Ed Project Non-Profit Organization. His passion is to share Free practical simple Science with everyone.  His focus is easy to understand Science that energizes our everyday objects and enables our modern lives.
Doug worked decades in Aerospace Production Engineering and Program Management. He’s lived 12 years in Europe and Asia and also lived in 7 USA States. His travels bring global view points to the 150 eBooks and Videos he has authored. Millions of Free copies of Alford’s free multi-media content have been downloaded by people in 60 counties.