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We have created these eBooks to help children and also those that need to learn the English language. We hope that you can find these information helpful in your journey to learn English. Please share this page with others on social media.

Alford English Vol 1

With this eBook you will learn:

1) Practice Easy English.

2) Check where I am today.

3) Improve my English sounds
and sentences with stories!

Download eBook here: ALFORD ENGLISH VOL 1 eBook

Alford English Vol 2

This book is part of Alford`s easy
English Info Product.

Perfect for ESL, ELT, IELTS, TESOL

Download eBook here: ALFORD ENGLISH VOL 2 eBook

Indē English 1 to 5

This book helps me improve the way I use English to talk, text, write, read and think. Indē English is for global, Elementary / Primary School Teachers and Students!

Download eBook here: Inde ENGLISH Classes 1 to 5 eBook

Indē English 6 to10

This book is the second Volume of the Indē English! Program from the Indē Ed Project Non-Profit Organization. In this book you will read a story that will help you comprehend scenarios.

Download eBook here: Inde ENGLISH Class 6 to 10 eBook

Read English with Alford

This book will provide you with a very easy reading. The wording is perfect for little children or if you are starting to learn English, this would be a very good tool for you to get you started.

English Better Now!

These videos are for those that want to better at English. With these videos you will:
1.Practice words
2.Check your vocabulary status
3.Improve your English

Fun Fables

English - Issues and Origins

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