International Versions

Our Books have been read in many countries by a large audience.

The eBooks that we show in this website are in the Spanish Language. We want to be able to bring great science material to or readers in Latin America.

Spanish eBooks

We are super excited to showcase our new eBooks in Spanish! Our books are bade for those that are learning the Spanish as a second language. These books have been meticulously  done in order to introduce our readers to the Spanish language. Enjoy!

Click on any of the pictures in order to download them!


ममियों से फिल्मों तक विज्ञान SCIENCE From MUMMIES to MOVIES Hindi

स्मार्टफोन - 7 एप्स आने के पहले की चीजें Smartphones - 7 Objects HINDI

7 आसान आइडिया से विज्ञान Science with 7 Easy Ideas HINDI

चाँद की दौड़ Moon Race Hindi

Hindi Books

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