Indē Ed


Introducing Indē Reading,  which is a very complete way to help children that are starting to read books. They will be introduced to the world of reading with easy exercises.

Indē Ed Reading!


Learn basic words and phrases. You will get familiar with the alphabet as well as the vowels. You will put in practice what you learn repeating the words in this eBook

Download eBook: 1_IndeEd Reading INTRO Feb 2021_eBookC

Indē Ed Reading!

Volume 1

Restart Reading Before Bedtime. You will read a story of a Bee that adventures itself in to a world of situations that will make you think. This fun story is the prefect one before going to bed.

Download eBook: 2_ Inde Reading Volume- ONE Feb 2021 _eBook_C

"The best way to predict your future is to create it"

— Abraham Lincoln

Indē Ed Reading!

Volume Two

With this book you will:

1) Practice Reading English.

2) Check where I am today.

3) Improve my Reading sounds
and sentences with stories!

Download eBook: 3_Inde Reading Volume-TWO Feb 2021_eBookC

Indē Ed Reading!

Volume Three

This book a really good way to illustrate plants, fruits and other colors and put those words into practice.

Download eBook: 4_Inde Reading Volume – THREE Feb 2021_eBookC

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